Healing Psoriasis Naturally - Psoriasis has been part of my life for the past forty years. Soon I expect my psoriasis to be healed. Find out what I have learned about my psoriasis.

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Welcome to Our Website

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Welcome to my web site. My name is Keith White and I am the author of the book "Healing Psoriasis Naturally".

After psoriasis had been part of my life for over twenty years, I went to a dermatologist in search for answers. He told me "the cause of psoriasis is unknown".

"Healing Psoriasis Naturally" is the story, in my own words, of what I learned, what I did, and what I have accomplished since that fateful day.

I now know what events in my life caused my psoriasis to develop. I also know what I did to get it to heal and to prevent it from ever coming back.

If I can get my psoriasis to heal, so can others.

This book is a must-read for anyone:
     i)  who is dissatisfied with the results and/or the cost of their current psoriasis
         treatment plan; or
     ii) who wants to know what events in their life contributed to the development
        of their psoriasis and what steps they can take to get their psoriasis to heal.

The results that I have achieved from my dietary and life-style changes have far exceeded my expectations. Along the way, I realized that not only was I getting my psoriasis to heal, but that I was actually restoring my overall health.

Samples of some of the discussions contained in my book can be previewed by selecting the "Book Preview" page. Every few weeks, I will be updating the "Book Review" page with different discussions.

The cost to purchase the pdf version of my book is $7.95.

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Please direct all questions and comments regarding my book to kcwhite231@yahoo.com